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About Us

Shrewsbury URC is an informal group of people from the church and beyond who meet together monthly to share their experiences and advice on how we can all work to reduce our carbon footprints. Unlike financial budgeting (which may be hard at times but at least we can see the price of things on the label), carbon budgeting is new for most people and it can be difficult to work out what the best decisions are. This is where we can help each other through sharing our own experiences and information we've gathered.

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Each session (normally on a Saturday morning at 10am) will include some information sharing from an expert in the subject or someone who has researched it and then discussion/sharing of our individual experiences and top tips. We'll take notes from these and share them on this webpage. The group is for everyone, no matter where you are on the carbon reduction journey. We aim for the meetings to be supportive, inclusive and non judgemental. For more information about our work please click on this link HERE

Our most recent notes and POWERPOINT from February's meeting can also be found HERE

We recently had a talk by an Ecological Builder and Architect Adele Mills, her advice and guidance on how to build an eco friendly and home heating effective dwelling

Link to Carbon Weight Watchers Food Waste document


Link to slides from Food Hub's Food Waste programme

Link to CCW SURC Recipes

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