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Honest Faith

6.30 - 8.30pm first Sunday of the month in the Lecture Hall 


Our next meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Sunday 2nd April when we will begin watching and discussing the DVD: 'Countering Pharaoh's Production - Consumption in Society Today' with 'preacher-professor-prophet' Walter Brueggemann - one of the most influential Old Testament scholars of modern times. His work often focuses on the Hebrew prophetic tradition and socio-political imagination of the church. 


This study brings us into the story of the Exodus and the Israelite journey from slavery in Egypt to covenant on Mount Sinai that transforms its well known elements into a challenging call to the church and to people of faith today. "It is a journey from slavery to covenant that we keep making over and over again," states Walter Breuggemann "[because] Pharaoh has immense power always to draw us back into slavery."

Some people sense that at its core, Christianity has something good to offer humanity. At the same time many have a sense that they are alone in being a "thinking" Christian and that "salvaging" Christianity is a hopeless task. What is needed is a safe environment where people have the permission to ask the questions they've always wanted to ask.

The DVD courses we follow seek to provide opportunities to explore the Christian faith for today's world considering a range of different topics with honest discussion where we are free to express differing views - thereby trying to offer an open-minded alternative to courses which attempt to give participants all the answers. 

Some of us support 'Progressive Christianity Network Britain' which provides help and resources for groups such as ours - please see their website:

Sessions are held monthly on the first Sunday evening of each month in our Lecture Hall - please check our monthly Church Newsletter for up-to-date information and news etc. If you would like to join us you would be very welcome to come to any (or to all) of the sessions. Each session is complete in itself so don't worry if you can't come every time. A warm welcome with refreshments from 6.30pm (a voluntary donation of £2 per person towards general costs suggested) with the aim of finishing by 8.30pm.

Honest Faith: Welcome
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