Cup of Coffee

Coffee & Chat

Hosted by Rev Carole Marsden.

our Coffee and Chat sessions are run regularly with an emphasis on connecting with new and current members providing social support during these strange times. Please sign up below if you are interested to join the next session. 

URC Black History Monthly

because it’s too important to leave until October

Black History is so important to our shared story that we surely can’t confine it to
one month a year. We need to break out and make it something we keep learning
about and exploring. So, here in the United Reformed Church we’ve decided to take
a dip into Black History every month of 2021, from February onwards. Welcome to:
URC Black History Monthly
A one-hour conversation every month
Third Monday Evenings @ 7.30pm on Zoom
Each month we’ll identify a particular nugget or sweeping overview of Black History
which we’ll all be encouraged to review for ourselves, then we’ll come together on
Zoom to share an hour’s discussion, exploring and teasing out how it affects all of us
in our situations and settings today. Please click on the link to the right for more information.

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