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Events and Groups At Shrewsbury's URC

                                                                Returning To Worship. In Person and Virtually.

We are now moving back into in person worship from mid September onwards with services broadcasted via Facebook Live, we recognise the many emotions and feelings that are being stirred with the thought of gathering in public again so please do not feel any pressure that you should, or ought, to be at any of the services planned. Go at your own pace and please respect the pace and choices of others if they differ to yours.

We hope that our church space can be an opportunity to test the waters of being out and about for many people who are feeling nervous or anxious. We are risk assessing everything regularly, and also have helpers around to gently remind folks of social distancing and mask wearing if needed. At present, mask wearing whilst moving around indoors is encouraged and recommended until seated in your designated area. We can confirm that singing is allowed at the outdoor services where the 2 metre plus rule is still applied to our seating plan, but not with indoor services just yet.

A few things to think about:

  • Not everyone has had the vaccine yet so please don’t presume who has and hasn’t.

  • We still are advised to keep socially distanced and wear masks where able.

  • If you have covid/cold symptoms or sickness please don’t gather with others, anywhere.

  • If you are accepting a lift from someone please consider sitting in the back, wear a mask and keep the windows open. Please do not feel any pressure to offer a lift to anyone.

  • All attendees are also encouraged to perform a lateral flow test on the day of attending to check for covid-19.


Our assurances:

  • All events will be socially distanced and stewarded with regular hand sanitizing stations, one way routes and clear instructions.

  • All events will need to be booked in advance so that we can ensure bubbles can be together and track and trace requirements are fulfilled.

No upcoming events at the moment